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Eso Golpo Kori is an audio program, aired on Eso Golpo Kori Channel (Kolkata). Founded in 2018 by three people (Pritam, Baren & Suraj). Eso Golpo Kori has more than 1.2 lakh subscribers and over 12 million views on YouTube. In this program, various stories (mostly Bengali) are being read out with an added audio effect to make those very much attractive to the listeners. The stories usually belong to Horrordetective or suspense categories. It is performed by Baren Biswas, Tamal Mukherjee, Anwesh Bhattacharjee, Pritam Adak and various others artists.

Quick Facts About Eso Golpo Kori
Eso golpo Kori Website
Owned byXnova Production & EGK Media
Founded onJuly 2018
Running Age3 years+
HeadquartersSingur, West Bengal India
Subscriber121,000 (as on 1-9-2021)
Total Views12m+
Current MembersBaren Biswas, Pritam Adak, Tamal Mukherjee, Anwesh Bhattacharjee, Puja, Sayoni, Niharendu Banerjee
Known forBengali Audio Stories, Podcast
Years active2018-present
No. episodes99+
GenereHorror, Suspense, Crime, Detective etc
Tag LineSomething New!

Early Days

Eso Golpo Kori was created in 2016 by three school students (Pritam, Baren & Suraj). Back then it was formally named “Xnova Production” and the letter changed & moved to “Eso Golpo Kori”. Xnova Production was created on 2016

widely known as Eso Golpo Kori.



1998He was born on October 10, 1998 in Singur, India.
2016He started working on his YouTube channel.
2018He started Eso Golpo Kori YouTube Channel.
2021100k Subscriber completed in his YouTube channel.
2021Join in ITC
131026902 3422968294486913 7662520853620601975 n min

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