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Audio Story Starter Kit Recommendations from Eso Golpo Kori

Starting a podcast can be intimidating, that’s for sure. Even once you’ve got your big, exciting idea, the prospect of researching, choosing, and investing in your podcast equipment can be daunting.

What Equipment do I need to start a podcast?
Eso Golpo Kori recommends this equipment for beginning  your podcast on Youtube or Spotify or anywhere,

Your budget will be the biggest determinant for your podcast starter kit. Before putting your money where your mouth is, really think about how much you are willing and need to invest. If you’re on a tight budget, think about what you’ve already got. If you’ve dabbled in podcasting before, you may have some perfectly good equipment lying around which will do just fine.

Best USB Microphones

Best XLR Microphones

Best Audio Interfaces

Best XLR Cables

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